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Sustainability and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®)


Wong Strauch Architects (WSA) has committed the firm to become an active partner in achieving sustainable design and green architecture in the design and construction of our buildings and environments. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program developed by the U. S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has become a reference for design strategies for the firm. All projects, regardless of whether the owners are attempting to achieve a LEED certification or not, will be designed to standards of sustainable and green design principals as appropriate for each project. Many of these concepts and standards are attainable at no additional cost to the project and many others are mandated by local codes and ordinances.


Becoming stewards of the built environment should not only be done to meet codes, but should always be a commitment to our environment, quality of life and to ensure sustainability for generations to come. The commitment to LEED and green architecture will not only create higher quality buildings for owners and users, but will also be more profitable and healthier places to live and work.


G. Kevin Sullivan, AIA, LEED® AP BD+C, and Robert J. Klap, RA, LEED AP BD+C, lead the design effort for WSA. They have achieved his accreditation from the USGBC after attending classes and passing the national examination. In Kevin’s role as Principal for the firm, he will identify and lead the LEED or green design effort for the projects, as well as mange all of the submittals and coordinate the effort by the contractor and design consultants. Members of Wong Strauch Architects staff are also LEED® Accredited, which reinforces the competency of our sustainable effort.


WSA will engage Professional Consultants that are also LEED accredited for all of the major disciplines that affect green design. The site designs, as well as the indoor environmental systems, are all crucial parts of the process. The entire effort must be coordinated and follow up must occur to ensure that the goals and standards are met and complete documentation is submitted. LEED Accredited Professionals are trained to ensure that the designs meet the standards developed by the owners, design team and the established standards of sustainable design.