Auraria E-Learning



Denver, Colorado

The E*Leaming Center is located in the award winning Auraria Library on the Auraria Campus. The facility, to be completed in November 2007, is designed to create multi-use spaces within the facility along with a new conference room. Located in a prominent corner of the steel, concrete and glass modernist building, the facility contains state-of-the-art technology for teaching purposes as well as semi-private study areas for the students during off-hours.

The bold, colorful, contemporary design introduces curved forms and unique lighting into this stark 1970’s space. The curved glass wall system allows some visibility into the new space while allowing privacy with the use of multi­colored glazing panels. The conference room, with exterior floor to ceiling glass walls on the two exterior walls, will be used for meetings as well as social functions. A moveable divider wall allows for multiple arrangements of the spaces, giving the library needed functionality. Flex­ible electronic/technical infastructure and Solar/Black-Out screens complete the multi-use aspects of the space.