How We Work

WSA Design Philosophy

Wong Strauch Architects (WSA) has been proudly serving our clients for over thirty years providing unique, one-of-a-kind design solutions over a variety of project types. WSA has intentionally decided to commit to a ‘general architectural practice’ instead of specializing. This allows WSA to always be looking for fresh ideas from a variety of project types. Because of this, WSA has not developed a ‘style’ of design but will create site specific design solutions that will be a source of pride for our clients as well as ourselves. WSA was founded with the idea of a smaller, ‘hands-on’ architectural practice, with all team members participating in the process.


At WSA we not only design buildings, we also build relationships. We do this by integrating our clients into the design process and listening to what they have to say. Just as they are experts in their business, we are experts in ours. This process encourages trust and eliminates confusion through an open exchange of ideas and communication. Misunderstandings and unrealistic expectations are minimized and the development of close working relationships is encouraged. Our designs inherently become as unique and creative as our clients due to our interactive design process.


WSA will bring in experienced consultants to develop a team based on the project type and complexity. We have worked on many unique and specialty projects requiring people with unique talents to help us achieve success. WSA is also known for superior technical skills along with creative, budget conscious designs. We take pride in producing accurate, detailed, and simple-to-read drawings that are easily understood by contractors. We respond to issues and focus on solutions as a leader of your design team.


In any successful project a true Team must be formed, led by the Architect and Owner. In every successful project, all major decisions are made by the Team in a collaborative fashion. WSA’s core belief is that every team member brings talent and expertise to a project, but by working together these talents rise to a higher level, and creativity will flourish in that environment. All voices, from stakeholders, consultants, users, designers and Client, must be heard in the process. In this fashion, the final solution will be one that everyone has pride and ownership in.


WSA’s project designs represent the vision of the many Team members who are involved in the process. Our philosophy is not geared towards becoming published or receiving awards.

Instead, we endeavor to build relationships and quality facilities, designing unique environments that function. Ultimately to celebrate the completion of a project with our Client and Team.

WSA is comprised of knowledgeable core of people with varied professional experiences. It is this diversity that endows us with the ability to respond to a myriad of project types and sizes, and to constantly challenge one another to excel in our endeavors. At WSA we thrive on these challenges because we believe they encourage us to grow, both individually and as professionals. Meeting these challenges also permits us to be attentive to the clients we serve and to improve the caliber of services we provide to them.

The greatest remark an architect can hear at the completion of a project is from those who will use it, saying with a sense of pride that “WE did this!”

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