Black Hawk Miner’s Mesa


Miner's Mesa Maintenance and Administration Facility

Black Hawk, Colorado

The 23,000 SF facility, located on the Miner’s Mesa above the city, houses three crucial departments for the City of Black Hawk. Public Works, Facilities and Streets all moved from multiple locations from around the city to this centralized facility. The three winged design will make use of shared functions for the departments in the center while giving each a state-of-the-art facility¬† each department requires. The site layout maximizes the area available while allowing for smooth transition of large vehicles in and around the site, adding large materials storage bins and fueling stations for added efficiency. The Public Works department has been designed with an inviting front entry, large conference facilities and other amenities for public use for Black Hawk’s citizens.

The $4.5 million dollar project was completed in Fall 2013.