Denver, CO

The Thomas Connole Apartment Building was constructed as affordable housing in the 1950’s by the Denver Housing Authority. Renovation of this property was required to upgrade the building systems, bring the facility into compliance with current federal and local codes and to convert the building for use by senior citizens and the physically impaired. Exterior upgrades were required to present an appearance more compatible with the surrounding, increasingly upscale, neighborhood. All this needed to be accomplished within a finite budget dictated by HUD Improvement Grants. The final design incorporates 85,000 square feet on twelve floors. This includes 100 one-bedroom and studio units along with first floor common spaces. The building was gutted and stripped to the structure. All systems were replaced except the boiler and the elevators. The building skin was replaced, and energy efficient windows installed. The units were redesigned to increase size and more adequately accommodate the intended tenant. Each floor includes four apartments suitable for those confined to wheelchairs and all units are adaptable to those with other disabilities.