Denver Water Administration Building


Wong Strauch Architects has completed the final Design Analysis Report and Construction Documents to 30% on a major remodel of the Denver Water Boards Administration Building. The project was a major refurbishing and renovation of the original building, including all of the systems and spaces seeking to bring every element up to current codes, energy efficiencies, and model operations. This refurbishing of the building needed to be accomplished while Denver Water continued to function in its day to day operations. This project took some major and imaginative approaches by the entire team, including collaboration with the Owner/User to come up with concepts to approach this extraordinary and challenging renovation.

WSA used the following project approach to ensure that this complex project moves forward smoothly. The entire building had been surveyed and verified. Then, the individual department heads and managers were interviewed, and what programs needed to be identified. Phasing concepts had been reviewed as they were crucial for the building to remain open and operational. WSA studied growth projections, technology needs, department requirements, developed studies, master plans and standards for all of the future administrative needs at Denver Water.