DIA ARFF Station #1


Denver, Colorado

Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Station #1 at Denver International Airport was upgraded after 12 years of service to meet the new standards of the department. All interior finishes, lighting and dorm rooms will be upgraded, combined with structural repairs, making this headquarters facility the quality facility the firefighters deserve.

A new kitchen and dayroom design has been created to give the facility an upscale residential feeling. An underutilized meeting room will be transformed into a state of the art health/fitness room, and the dormitory rooms will be given doors and lighting for privacy and a more ‘home-like’ feeling.

Exterior patios and entry ways will be upgraded, and a new signature floor pattern will greet visitors and firefighters alike, highlighted by dramatic lighting in the foyer. Restroom and locker room facilities will all be upgraded with new lighting, fixture, partitions and solid surface countertops.

All of the upgrades will give the facility the quality materials and upscale design for the next decade and beyond.