DIA Concourse C West Expansion



Denver, Colorado

Wong Strauch Architects provided the services to complete the design and documentation for the West expansion of Concourse C at DIA. The project creates 5 new mainline gates on this overcrowded concourse and greatly improves the conditions and flow of the facility. The Facility is smaller in scale building attached to the larger Concourse C, although the layout and interior spaces will provide the passenger with a similar level of quality and comfort experienced in the remainder of the building, including a central clerestory running the 400 foot length of the addition.

With an extremely tight schedule, the WSA team delivered Design Development through Construction Doc- uments in 4 months, meeting the extremely tight construction schedule of 13 months. This has given the Airport 40,000 SF of additional holdroom, concession and restroom space and 40,000 SF of apron space, which has been converted to ramp operations. Care in detailing and coordination with DIA will provide an aircraft parking layout which will accommodate a differing aircraft mix for years to come, and also allow for additional expansions without interruption of the apron operations area.

Owner: Denver International Airport

Tenant: Southwest Airlines

Scope: 5 mainline gates + 4 remodeled gates, 80,000 GSF

Contact: Frank Palumbo, 303-342-2639

CD’s Complete: April 2013

Construction Complete: November 2014

Budget: $27 mil (+ $13 mil apron paving)