DIA International Gates Concourse A


Denver, Colorado

Wong Strauch Architects provided the services to complete the design and documentation for the expan- sion of International Gates located at Concourse A to meet DIA’s strategic goals in increasing international traffic by 40% over today’s level by 2018. The project will convert the existing gates A42 and A44 to add four narrow body international gates on the south side of the existing Concourse A. New escalator and elevator will connect Concourse level to new Mezzanine Level and pathway to Central Core. To accommodate additional international traffic, additional international gate capacity was required. At the minimum, this project shall add one wide body or two narrow body international gates at Concourse A to meet the needs during peak times.

The project will align with DIA goals for international services & allow the airport to better serve airlines by reducing holding aircrafts on the ramp for open gates, during irregular operations. Providing international gates equipped with loading bridges is an important customer service enhancement over bussing from remote hardstand gates. Loading bridge operation will be more pleasing and safe for travelers, especially travelers with disabilities.

Owner: Denver International Airport
Tenant: Concourse A International Gate Expansion
Scope: 4,500 GSF
Contact: Frank Palumbo, 303-342-2639
CD’s Complete: April 2015
Construction Complete: Projected Fall 2015
Budget: $6.3 mil