DIA United Airlines Aircrafts Parts Distribution

United Airlines Aircraft Parts Distribution Facility

Denver International Airport

Denver, Colorado

Designed and constructed as an addition to the central core of Concourse B, the Aircraft Parts Distribution Facility (APDF) provides storage and distribution of aircraft parts specialized for DIA and the entire United southwest region. The heart of the APDF is an Automated Storage and Retrieval System capable of storing and retrieving over 84,000 parts. Parts can be selected by line mechanics automatically retrieved by a series of four-story tall robotic carriers. The facility also houses high bay storage. Parts are transported to the individual gates and the Aircraft Maintenance Hanger via a 10″ pneumatic tube system capable of transporting parts 16″ long and weighing 25 pounds or via the baggage system or vehicle, depending on the size of the part. Parts destined for other airports are delivered by the same system to appropriate gates for transport via the next available flight. All parts selection, delivery, return of replaced parts and inventory is controlled by a computer system located in the APDF and linked to United’s central inventory computer in San Francisco. Above the warehouse portion of the APDF is a ten story tower whose upper level serves as a ramp control tower for United.

In addition to the above systems this project included a four story, three bank elevator tower to the south of the central core, baggage tunnels leading from the concourse basement to each aricraft parking position and individual mechanic ‘kiosks’ which provide operational facilities at each gate.