Denver, Colorado

The concept was to create a sense of openness by leaving the 7,000 square foot space exposed from floor to the 20′ ceiling. An existing gable-shaped skylight runs the length of the structure and is the prime architectural feature. The ceiling contains a web of mechanical ducts and diffusers along with fans, electrical, and sprinkler systems that remain exposed to the space below. Continuous banks of indirect fluorescent lighting run lengthwise throughout the building. The east wall overhead doors were previously replaced with a 14′ aluminum storefront system. The majority of the west wall was left in place along with the overhead doors. Vision panels were formerly introduced to these overhead doors in three out of the seven bays, also encouraging the flow of natural light.

While the birch panels serve to create individual workspaces, they have been left low to encourage the ebb and flow of communication and stimulate creative thinking among individuals. All work surfaces and east and west walls have been painted white to create a juxtaposition for the colorful artwork. When one enters the building there is a sense of a welcoming and sophisticated urban studio. During the daylight hours there is filtered sunlight and the outside street life is in full view. At night the effect is reversed, with the interior glowing softly and visible to the passing world.